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What is guided imagery?

Guided imagery (or guided meditation, as it is also called) is a way of taking the listener on an inner journey for a particular purpose, such as healing or to reduce stress. Start on your own path to health and well being with our guided meditation MP3s and CDs.

Today, many people are asking what is guided imagery, although it's been in common use for decades. Medical doctors specializing in pain control and certain cancer treatments use guided visualization methods to train the body to heal itself, curing disease by stimulating the immune system. Athletic coaches use guided imagery as a relaxation method to help their clients prepare for a difficult match. Similarly, parents use guided meditation to encourage relaxation for children.

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In some cases the brain has the same response to a physical experience, or imagining having that experience. For instance, watching a scary movie can produce an adrenaline response, similar to being in a life threatening situation.

When asking what is guided imagery and what does it offer, consider that guided imagery meditation can bring about deep relaxation and positive focus, which can help stimulate healing. It can be used as a way to spark the imagination, and help bridge the conscious experience of the listener with their intuition. It can help stimulate a sense of spiritual connection. And it can be used to help a person connect with unresolved emotions in order to bring about clearing.


How Can I Try Guided Imagery?

Find a friend with whom you can trade a guided imagery or guided meditation session. Lead them into a relaxing scene in nature, and perhaps guide them to imagine becoming healthier, happier, and more successful. Try using soft background music to help set the mood. Then change places.

Where Can I Find Guided Meditations?

Healing MeditationYou've come to the right place! We've got some great ones you can download right here. For example, The Healing Waterfall is one of the most popular guided imagery recordings in the world. Visit the links on the left to explore some excellent guided imagery or guided meditation recordings for deep relaxation and self-healing. Listen to samples of each, and download MP3 files to play on your computer or music player, or burn your own CD.