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Guided Meditation Event in Farmington, Michigan
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Visit the Farmington Community Library for an informational session discussing and demonstrating Isha Kriya.  This guided meditation event will explain Isha Kriya techniques as well as … Read More

Guided Meditation Classes in Fairfield, Connecticut
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Cultivate happiness and create peace through guided meditation classes with the Fairfield, Connecticut Department of Parks and Recreation. Join Kim … Read More

Guided Meditation for Sleep and Less Fatigue
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A new study published by JAMA Internal Medicine suggests that weekly guided meditation for sleep helps mild sleep disturbances and reduces … Read More

VA Uses Yoga and Meditation to Treat PTSD, Pain
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At the Colorado Springs Veterans Administration hospital, alternative treatments are helping veterans suffering from a wide range of medical problems. The … Read More

Meditation for Brain Health
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A newly published UCLA study suggests that meditation might be the key to keeping the brain youthful. After age 25, … Read More

Yoga and Meditation Tought by Former NFL Star
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After a debilitating injury, NFL star Keith Mitchell turned to yoga and meditation to help control his pain and anxiety. … Read More