These guided imagery programs can help you expand your awareness, open to higher love, and invite your spiritual allies to help you heal from the inside out. Tap into your heavenly support with these powerful guided meditations, and see.  

River of Light
Imagine a column of light, descending from the highest heavens, through the sky, through your ceiling, and into your room. This light contains a multitude of beautifully colored healing energies, angelic blessings, and whispered messages of love from above, all for you, in a never ending stream. Just as this column of light touches your floor, it transforms into a river, flowing in front of you, a combination of living water and sacred light...

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Absent Healing
Absent healing is similar to prayer for another person. In this program you'll travel to a heavenly temple of light, connect with universal love deep within, call upon the support of angels, masters, and spiritual healers, and ask for grace for the one you would most like to assist. This guided meditation makes it easy to hold a strong, loving focus to help those you love. 

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Clearing Your Energy
Feeling yucky? Learn how to clear any kind of negative energy -- anger, sadness, fear, etc. -- from around and within you. Perhaps you pick up negativity from others, and/or have an accumulation of it within. Get a clean refresh, and gain an effective skill you’ll use again and again.

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Receiving Grace
Journey into the heavens to a temple of light, where you'll meet with angels, masters, healers and loved ones, waiting to channel love from the Creator, into you. Receive their grace, and their messages of peace and healing. Then receive God's love directly within your heart, as the Creator reads your deepest prayers, and responds with grace for your highest good. 

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The Healing Light
Healing light, streaming down from the heavens, is forming itself into a perfect ball just above your head, golden-white with flecks of rose, emerald green, blue, purple, and violet. Invite The Healing Light into your body, and allow it to help you relax, transform, and heal from within. 

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Healing Trauma With Archangel Michael
A staggering percentage of adults have at some point been subject to physical or sexual abuse, with a large percentage of incidents occurring during childhood. Still others have been traumatized by combat. But trauma can be healed. In this powerful guided meditation, Michael helps you release burdens from the past that you may have thought were yours to carry forever.

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12 Cosmic Healers
Mystical and etherial, 12 Cosmic Healers is a journey into the heavens, where 12 great Archangels, each in a different sign of the zodiac, send healing light and sound to twelve different ares of your body. This program corresponds musical key signatures with astrological signs and the body. Magnificently narrated by Leigh Taylor-Young, with a mind-altering score by Max Highstein on piano and synthesizers.

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