Nature scenes are indispensable for effective guided imagery scripts and guided meditations, for two important reasons. 

Nature settings that are soothing -- a babbling brook, a peaceful meadow, the seashore  -- invoke feelings of peace and calm in the listener, creating an inner climate conducive to relaxation, letting go, and healing. Even when the object of a guided meditation is to motivate active behavior, goal objectives, winning and so on, it’s important to first bring the listener to a relaxed state to allow the unconscious mind to be receptive to suggestion. Because we all have a natural affinity with the sights, sounds, and smells of nature, it’s inherently easy to imagine being in a natural setting, and allowing the feelings we’d normally associate with such a place to lead us into a peaceful state of mind. 

When composing a script with a nature setting, it’s helpful to offer details about the scene that invoke all the senses. For example, in the 12-Step Guided Meditations program, some of the meditations utilize an oceanside setting. Many visual details are offered, such as the foam on the sand, bits of seaweed and shells, sandpipers following the receding waves and finding their meals. But being somewhere involves all the senses, so the smell of the ocean, the feeling of salty air on the listener’s skin, and the sound of the ocean are all incorporated into the story telling. All contribute to putting the listener “there”. 

Nature also offers all sorts of metaphors we can use to help listeners. The rhythm of the waves on the shore can become the natural rhythms of one’s life, and periods of high tide and low tide help us know that periods of prosperity and lean times are normal and natural. The currents of a mountain stream can become life’s way of washing and clearing away our problems, as in The Healing Waterfall. The notion of a leaf falling from a tree helps us accept that letting go is a natural way of life, as in Gateway to Peace

Everywhere we look, nature is filled with suggestions we can explore for own own growth and healing, and rich with metaphors for guided imagery and meditation.