Family Meditation – MP3


Easy to follow programs that everyone in the family can enjoy. 

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by Max Highstein & Betty Mehling
Kitzie Stern & Max Highstein narrate
Total time: 54 Minutes 

5 Easy To Use Guided Meditations You Can Do With Your Children

Helping children learn to meditate is one of the greatest gifts you can give them, and there’s no better way to teach than to meditate with them. The empowering guided meditations in this Family Meditation are designed to help children (and adults) learn that they can change the way they look at life, and change they way they feel about problems and challenges, from the inside. Each of these short, easy to follow programs offers a different approach that everyone in the family can enjoy.

Included In The Program

Introduction 3:07
Instructions on using the program, and all the guided meditations.

Active Body Relaxation 7:14
For kids ages 4 and up. If you have small children with lots of energy, begin here, and then go on to one of the other meditations just afterward. This track teaches an empowering body relaxation exercise that helps kids learn that they can settle down easily.

Simple Breathing Meditation 10:15
A good way to begin to any meditation session, this is an easy technique to help everyone relax, release tension, and focus within.

Circle of Light Meditation 12:23
An inner clearing meditation that helps each family member to focus on something they’d like to gain support with, feel better about, or improve upon for the next 24 hours. This meditation includes visualizing a series of colors, something kids can easily get into.

Guest of Honor 10:30
In this program, one family member is the focus of everyone’s meditation. That person receives the whole family’s positive energy for whatever concern or challenge they may be facing. Focus on a different person every session, and your kids will get a valuable experience learning to feel empathy and compassion for others, and give and receive love.

Daily Keyword 10:26
Take turns having different family members choose the keyword for the day, like love, courage, freedom, etc. Then the meditation, similar to our Daily Focus meditation, guides everyone to embody and manifest that keyword throughout their day.