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Clearing & Awakening Through The Heart

What is your biggest challenge? Relationship? Career? Difficult emotions? Or…?

Get to the bottom of your challenges, receive higher guidance, and clear what blocks you. Work with someone who can provide insight and move energy, so you can make a shift!

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Private Intuitive Counseling In Person or By Phone

Intuitive Counseling

“I’ve been to a lot of people and seemed to get nowhere. But you went right to the core issue I’m dealing with, and made it clear to me so I can work with it. Thank you so much!” Client testimonial. Names always withheld for privacy.

“I am forever grateful to you for showing me I have the strength and love to break free from all my self destructive patterns. You’ve helped me open the door to a world of self love and meaning, thinking, and doing. I no longer have those “tapes” that play continuously. Without your help I wouldn’t be pursuing my dream.” Client testimonial. Names always withheld for privacy.

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About Max Highstein

Max Highstein is a multi-gifted bestselling author, music composer, and intuitive counselor and facilitator.

He has authored over 100 programs and courses on personal growth, spirituality, and wellness, including the entire catalog offered here at The Healing Waterfall website. His guided imagery programs, most notably The Healing Waterfall, are some of the most popular and influential programs of their kind. His work helping people access their intuition and connect to key spiritual figures has been groundbreaking.

Max’s instrumental music was at the forefront of the new age music movement of the 1980s. His music has been heavily featured on radio stations all over the world, and is especially well appreciated in healing offices, treatment rooms, and medical centers around the United States. He continues composing and producing music today.

Max Highstein holds Masters Degrees in both Counseling Psychology and Spiritual Psychology. Drawing upon over 40 years of study and training in psychology, spirituality, and the intuitive arts, Max Highstein maintains an active practice offering private sessions and workshops. More at




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