Release The Past And Make A Positive Shift

Feeling Love Instead of Fear
Feeling Love Instead Of Fear – MP3

Love is the ultimate healer. Let it take the place of fear. (Not a children’s program.)

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Guided Imagery for PTSD
Guided Imagery for PTSD: Healing Traumatic Memory – MP3

Heal painful memories without reliving them.

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Releasing Fear & Anxiety
Releasing Fear

Complete course helps you approach life in a clearer, more comfortable way.

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Recover from trauma and Claim Safety
Claim Safety For Your Own – MP3

Recover from trauma, and learn that you are truly safe.

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Anger Management Course
Say Goodbye To Anger – MP3

Comprehensive course includes 7 video lectures & 7 guided programs.

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Clearing Sadness
Clearing Sadness – MP3

Guided Imagery helps let go of sadness and depression.

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Overcoming Shyness
Overcoming Shyness – MP3

Use this program as the first step to expanding your world. 

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Encouragement and Connection to Life
Encouragement – MP3

Restore Your Connection To Life

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Daily Focus
Daily Focus – MP3

Make any personal quality part of your daily routine.

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12-Step Guided Meditations
12-Step Guided Meditations

Optimize your recovery in any 12-Step program!

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Personalized Guided Imagery
Personalized Guided Imagery

Tell us what you’d like, and we’ll do the rest.

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