Carry Yourself With Pride And The World Will Respond Accordingly

Self Esteem
Self Esteem

Let go of the past and build high self esteem.

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High Self Esteem
High Self-Esteem Bundle MP3

Save when you bundle these products related to self-esteem. Develop high self-esteem and change your life for the better!   SELF ESTEEM Self esteem is all about the way you value, appreciate and treat yourself. If you truly believe, without a doubt, … Read More

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Transform Self-Doubt Into Confidence
Transform Self-Doubt Into Confidence – MP3

Release self doubt and the fear of making mistakes.

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12-Step Guided Meditations – 11th Step Guided Meditation & More

Optimize Your Recovery In Any 12-Step Program! 11th Step Guided Meditation & Much More

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Manifest Your Gift & Realize Your Dream

A Transformative Course for the Spiritual Creative

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Daily Focus
Daily Focus – MP3

Make any personal quality part of your daily routine.

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Good Boundaries
Good Boundaries – MP3

The cure for “doormat” syndrome.

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Break free and fulfill yourself.
Break Free & Fulfill Yourself – MP3

Discover what within you needs to change, and how to break free.

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Confidence & Fulfillment Bundle
Confidence & Fulfillment Bundle – MP3

By Max Highstein • 38:00 Two Guided Programs: Transform Self-Doubt into Confidence Break Free & Fulfill Yourself Use these two carefully crafted guided meditations to break free from self-imposed limitations, gain confidence, and chart a new, more positive course in life! … Read More

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Overcoming Shyness
Overcoming Shyness – MP3

Use this program as the first step to expanding your world. 

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Intuitive Spiritual Counseling Session With Max Highstein

Please pay what you can afford. Those who can pay more make it possible for those who need to pay less:

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Personalized Guided Imagery
Personalized Guided Imagery

Tell us what you’d like, and we’ll do the rest.

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