Intuitive Spiritual Counseling With Max Highstein


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Finding An Approach The Works For You

If you’ve been doing your best to solve personal problems, have tried all the usual methods, and are still feeling blocked, perhaps it’s time for a deeper approach. Traditional counseling can help you recognize your patterns, but can’t truly resolve them. Meditation can help you temporarily relax, but won’t eliminate the source of your stress. Sometimes it’s necessary to work with someone who can provide insight as well as help move energy, so you can make a shift.

Intuitive Spiritual Counseling with Max Helps You To

  • Access higher guidance and support
  • Reveal blind spots and clarify your situation
  • Get unstuck from negative patterns and clear blocks to success
  • Break free from the past, make a shift, and move forward on your path

What would you like to focus on? Some of the possibilities include:

Relationships, Career, Personal Growth

  • Letting go of fear, anxiety, anger, and sadness.
  • Learning to trust yourself, others, and life.
  • Control issues versus sweet surrender.
  • Communication and healthy boundaries.
  • Becoming more centered and grounded.
  • Fulfilling yourself in this life.

Spiritual Connection, Intuition, Higher Support

  • Developing intuition.
  • Opening the spiritual heart, and living from there.
  • Breakthrough your meditation practice.
  • Resolving inner conflicts with spirituality and religion.
  • Opening to higher awareness, and to the input of spiritual guides, angels, and other figures.

What To Expect In Your Session

Max Highstein brings keen intuitive insight, and deep, compassionate support to his sessions and groups. However, a session with Max Highstein is not a “psychic reading,” in which you passively sit back and receive “messages from on high.” Chinese proverb: “Give a man a fish, and feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.” While receiving channeled information can sometimes be helpful, the goal of Max’s work is to help clients learn to access their own answers at increasingly deeper levels. Learning to do so is empowering, satisfying, and most helpful. Such is the difference between getting a psychic reading, and learning to cultivate and trust one’s own inner knowing.

Private sessions always begin with a dialog between you and Max. Sessions may include some specific delivered information, guided inner processes, and spiritual energy work. As shifts occur within, you’ll gain a sense of discovery, resolution and relief. Some issues may be resolved in one session. Deeper concerns can be worked through in a series of sessions, allowing you to let go and assimilate changes over time.

Sessions can be conducted over the phone, via Skype or in person at Max’s office in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

With more than 40 years of study, training and experience, Max Highstein holds two M.A degrees: one in Psychology, and another in Spiritual Psychology. He is widely known for a critically acclaimed series of guided imagery recordings, for his music, and for his private sessions and workshops with clients internationally.

Max Highstein’s clients come from various faiths, including many who identify themselves as “spiritual but not religious,” and have often tried many different kinds of counseling, personal growth, and meditation techniques before coming to see him. He draws upon intuitive gifts and spiritual support to help clients see blind spots that have been undiscovered elsewhere, release blocks, and make a shift.

“Your potential for change correlates to your openness to new ways of looking at life.” – Max Highstein


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What Max Highstein's Clients Have Said About His Work

Names withheld for privacy.

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am. You tuned right into the issues I’m confronting. Some of what you delivered was practical... Some of it was deeply energetic. I feel lighter than air!”

"I am forever grateful to you for showing me I have the strength and love to break free from all my self destructive patterns. You’ve helped me open the door to a world of self love and meaning, thinking, and doing. I no longer have those “tapes” that play continuously. Without your help I wouldn’t be pursuing my dream."

“I’ve been to a lot of people and seemed to get nowhere. But you went right to the core issue I’m dealing with, and made it clear to me so I can work with it. Thank you so much!”

“Thank you so very much for the session. A deep healing has taken place and things are beginning to flow again. ‘Toxic junk’ is disappearing and balance is being restored.”

“I so appreciated our session. The messages gave me such a sense of “yes”, which after stumbling in the dark for so long is pretty significant and affirming. Now I have movement and direction.”

"I want to thank you for being an extraordinary teacher and healer in what has been the most unusual journey of my life. Honestly, I am quite certain I would not have made the strides toward true inner peace that I have, without your wise and compassionate help."

Please Note

Phone sessions and sessions away from Max's office in Santa Fe must be paid for in advance. Once you have purchased the session, please contact Max's office to arrange your appointment time: (505) 466-1055.


You must give at least 24 hour cancellation notice or you will be charged in full. By booking your session you are agreeing to this policy. 


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