Magic Island, Relaxation for Kids


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by Betty Mehling & Max Highstein
Narration by Rhada Delamarter
26:00 of Quiet Time for Your Child

The ability to relax is a skill any child can easily learn with this program that will serve them their entire life. Entertaining and delightful, this guided imagery for children first teaches a simple body relaxation. Then young listeners pilot their own hot air balloon to a Magic Island where they can create a safe, happy place they can return to whenever they wish. The script is by leading children’s relaxation teacher, Betty Mehling, with spirited narration by actress Radha Delamarter, and a magical score by Max Highstein. For ages 4 and up.

Guided meditation for kids is a great way to introduce young minds to the power of imagination to wipe away their fears, tension and stress and promote healing and well being. Magic Island, Relaxation for Kids helps your children connect with their own inner peace, joy and love and empower them to find their own self healing capabilities!

From The Co-Author

"Betty Mehling was teaching meditation for kids and guided imagery for children in schools when she heard The Healing Waterfall. Soon after, I got a call from her asking me if I would write the music for a unique guided meditation for children. I told her that I'd be happy to not only do that, but help with the script and the recording.

A few months later Betty, myself, and a talented actress (Rhada Delamarter) who happened to live nearby were working together in my studio. I think Rhada did an absolutely perfect job capturing the spirit of the script. And based on all the people who have enjoyed sharing Magic Island with their kids, I'd say Betty's story is spot on.

As for myself, I think you can hear how much fun I had with the music. It's a great thing to be able to teach a child how to relax and control their body early on, a skill they'll be able to use all their life. Up, up and away!"