A Workshop With Max Highstein

Clearing Your Path

Everyone who walks a spiritual path gets stuck from time to time. The trick is not to stay stuck for too long! Our blind spots — and we all have them — tend to keep us from seeing how we block ourselves.

Higher guidance can shine a light into our blind spots, and offer love, meaning and direction. It can come from your own soul, and from high level guides in spirit. Saints, angels and other great beings are not just words in a book! They’re as real as you are, and waiting to help.

In this workshop you’ll learn simple yet powerful techniques for connecting to higher guidance directly — no third party channel needed. Through dynamic guided meditation and journaling processes you’ll learn how to tap in whenever you need to. And through gentle dialog and powerful energy work with Max, you’ll have the opportunity to clear inner blocks, break free, and move forward.

Let go of the past. Learn to be guided through the rough times, and to be lifted higher when life is smooth. Such skills are invaluable, and you can own them.

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