Manifesting Your Gift & Realizing Your Dream
A Workshop For Spiritual Creatives & Healers

July 8 – 9, 2016  
Laguna Woods, CA (Orange County)

Workshop With Max Highstein

Are You A Spiritual Creative or Healer?

A spiritual creative/healer is a gifted individual who believes in a higher power, and experiences a calling to do something positive in the world. They often possess sensitivity and intuition above and beyond the norm.

Spiritual creatives/healers often think outside the box, have unconventional ideas, and do things differently than most people. They are visionaries, iconoclasts, and pioneers. They may become widely recognized for their work, or they may perform under the radar, becoming known only to those with whom they come into direct contact.

Spiritual creatives/healers usually have crucial life lessons to learn, and struggles to overcome, before they can fully manifest their gifts and realize their dream. And because their gifts are unique, a spiritual creative may have difficulty finding their way, especially early on. With no ready-made path to walk, they may need to chart their own course.

But when the time is right, life begins to lead or push the spiritual creative/healer toward their fulfillment. Way-showers appear, and pathways open, to allow the their dream to unfold.

This program has been designed to help you, as a spiritual creative/healer, bring your gift into the world, and realize your dream.


 “Max helps you link to your own higher guidance, to discover what’s important for you. He is compassionate, non-judgmental, and greatly supportive of YOU. He helps you break through the surface to find what is deep, meaningful, and fulfilling. The atmosphere of the group was warm and inviting. I highly recommend this. An invaluable gift.” — Student Testimonial.


What’s Covered In This Workshop

girl-eyeMax will tailor the material to the specific needs of those present. Attention will be devoted individually to each student, as well as the group. Included will be exercises and inner processes on a variety of topics. Here is some of what is planned:

  • Personal Fulfillment: Coming Into Your Unique Expression
  • Overcoming Challenges About Manifesting Your Gifts In The World
  • Proactive, Reliable Techniques for Receiving Higher Guidance
  • Resolving Success/Failure Issues
  • Releasing Fear Connected With Realizing Your Dream
  • Higher Support from Angels & Archangels


I’m so grateful for this workshop! Your intuitive insight and the individualized attention made this a deep and rich experience. It gave me the opportunity to open and explore new possibilities in my life.

Workshop Cost: $150

Seating is very limited so that everyone can receive individual attention. Advance registration is required, and early registration is strongly recommended for this workshop!


Circles of Light Healing Center
24351 Moulton Parkway, 2nd Floor, Laguna Woods, California 92637

Friday Evening July 8, 7:00 – 9:00 PM (approximate ending time)
Saturday July 9, 10:30 AM – 3:30 PM (approximate ending time)

Ending times are approximate. Beginning times are firm. Please plan to arrive a few minutes early to allow for traffic and get settled. There will be a short on-site lunch break (bring something to eat), and adequate additional breaks for your personal needs.






This workshop for spiritual creatives was everything I hoped for and more. With Max’s kind and insightful work, the old energies blocking my creative writing began to melt away. I’m so excited to continue this work with Max and see where it goes! Thank you for facilitating such an amazing expansion & opening for all of us!








The Laguna Woods workshop is a ten minute walk from: 
Ayres Hotel Laguna Woods
24341 El Toro Rd • Laguna Woods, CA, 92637
Tel. (949) 588-0131 • Reservations (800) 594-8412
(There are restaurants near the hotel, and several other hotels in the vicinity as well.)


The Lakewood CO workshop is very close to a cluster of hotels


Wondering if you should attend?

If you’re feeling drawn to this event, and thinking, “But I’m not sure if I’m a “spiritual creative or healer”, join us! You’re probably feeling that pull to attend for a reason, and we’ll be glad to have you.


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About Max Highstein

max-adviceMax Highstein is a multi-gifted bestselling author, music composer, and intuitive counselor and facilitator.

He has authored over 100 programs and courses on personal growth, spirituality, and wellness, including the entire catalog offered here at The Healing Waterfall website. His guided imagery programs, most notably The Healing Waterfall, are some of the most popular and influential programs of their kind. His work helping people access their intuition and connect to key spiritual figures has been groundbreaking.

Max’s instrumental music was at the forefront of the new age music movement of the 1980s. His music has been heavily featured on radio stations all over the world, and is especially well appreciated in healing offices, treatment rooms, and medical centers around the United States. He continues composing and producing music today.

Max Highstein holds Masters Degrees in both Counseling Psychology and Spiritual Psychology. Drawing upon over 40 years of study and training in psychology, spirituality, and the intuitive arts, Max Highstein maintains an active practice offering private sessions and workshops. More at




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